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In this article, we will discuss the topic that how you can make your own blog and also discuss that Is Blogging Worth In 2021 or 2022. So if you didn’t join the blogging platform then don’t confuse which platform is best for blogging and why blogging is so important in now time, well it all discuss in this article. And before the start, you have to know the proper idea about Blogging and how it works. So let’s start this article.

What is Blogging in 2021?

make your own blog
What is blogging

Now the advanced generation everyone does blogging and share their awesome ideas with worldwide people and they also able to share their post to those type of people who need this. So you have to make your blog and start sharing your unique and gentle ideas. If you have any type of knowledge that is important and you want to share that with people then blogging is the best way to sharing your knowledge and it is the best medium to connect worldwide people to you.

Generally, in blogging, the user has to create a blog to share their ideas and a blog is one type of website which contains a custom domain and a powerful hosting platform. Also, you have to join a blogging platform that is best on your side and create an account. After doing all the basic installations and set up then you can write your ideas, and this is called blogging.

How to make your own blog?

It’s really too easy to create a blog website is now the time and there are a lot of platforms are come where you can make your blog most simply. But you need 2 main things to create your blog, one is Custom Domain and the other is Paid Hosting. These 2 things are very much helpful to you to create your blog website.

Custom Domain

Custom domain is the most important part of your blogging. And without a custom domain, you can’t create your website. But on some platforms where custom domains are used to create a blog. Now the time you can purchase any type of custom domain on any platform and when you confuse that what type of custom domains are best then you have to choose your domain according to your present blog or website.

Suppose you have a business website or blog where you share your product link, product description, and many others so, in this case, .online or .store is the best custom domain. Otherwise, you can choose the offer best custom domain for your blog website like .com, .in, .org, etc. Some domains are the target in some country so you can choose your perfect domain according to your country also like .in domain target to India, .uk domain target to the United Kingdom, etc. And here is the information about Custom Domain and now we will going to discuss Hosting.


Hosting is an online server where our website data and files are stores and whenever a user searches our website in a browser then the browser sends a request to our hosting server and our hosting server gives the duplicate fronted files contain with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the browser. And for the results, users only see the frontend data of our website. And it’s your responsibility to choose the best hosting with the best prices, that speed up your website and secure your website data, and many more.

Best Hosting

If you want to increase the speed of your website and also want that your website is rank on the first page in Google Search Engine so you have to choose the best and super fast hosting and the Cloud Hosting is one of the best hosting for every blogger and business website. If you want to purchase paid and cloud hosting for your website or blog then we have an offer for you. Also, you get a special discount from us whenever you purchase a one-year plan with our link.

Important steps after creating Blog

Important steps after create blog

In blogging, you can make any type of blog and share your ideas, it depends on you that what type of knowledge you have. Before entering the blogging platform you have to set your goal or aim because without a particular aim you can’t continue blogging in your life. And you also have to follow some steps after you care you’re the first blog. Too many people made mistakes at this stage whenever they create their first blog. And here the important steps are discussed which you have to follow after creating your blog.

  • Create Backlink
  • Index post on Google and another search engine
  • Create unique content
  • Share your post on social media
  • Promote your post through ads

You have to follow these steps after create your blog and these are the most important steps which are followed by millions of bloggers.


A backlink is the most important thing and It gives the best results to rank your blog on the Google search engine. You have to create a backlink from high authority website and for the results google bot will detect that many user come your blog through the high authority website and finally your website will rank on the top of the google search engine.

You have to create not your website or blog backlinks but also you have to create your every post’s backlink. Remember that only do-follow backlinks are responsible to increase your website authority. And Google always tries to show the top authority website in search engines.

Index post

After creating your content you have to index your post on a search engine like Google search engine, bing search engine, Yandex search engine, and yahoo search engine. Well, index post is too important because this will help to appear our post on search engine. And you have to submit also your website or blog sitemap. And sitemap will very much important for every website or blog and this also helps Google and another search engine to index your post.

Share your post on Social media

After index your post on Google and another search engine you have to share your every post and also pages to every social media and try to gain initial traffic manually. This is also important for your website SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). And you can track and calculate all traffic with the help of Google Analytics, this is a very powerful web monitor tool that monitors your website’s total traffic and also shows the visitor’s location and their devices. You have to set your target location or the country where you want to rank your website or blog.

Final Word

At the end of this special post which is about blogging, we want to suggest that join the blogging platform because Blogging is worth it every year and it continuously grows day by day. And there are a lot of blogging platforms where you can make your blog fast and easy way. And this topic will discuss in another post and it’s enough for today’s article. Further have any confusion or suggest a particular Article or post then feel free to contact us.

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